Giacomo Naldini, il Pittore


Giacomo Naldini was born in Ravenna, the town where he lives and works.

Self-taught by choice, he began his artistic career when at an early age he first approached photography, practicing camera shots and the techniques of processing and printing black and white film with method and attention. This opened his eyes to detail, linear perspectives, the sharpness of the shots and to the technique to enhance the image's value.

After gaining extensive experience in black and white shots, he moved on to the study of colour, still on film, and then began to study, develop and implement a new digital technology which for him was an opportunity to express himself with greater creativity.

The evolution in the field of photography led him to seek out beauty in a slow an reflective manner, based on his search for both the best technical-creative results as well as those with the most meaning.

His compositions reached the experience of balancing light and making chromatic contrasts with vivid effects through the use of iridescent colours.

All this resulted in a natural desire to carry out further research and development in 2006/2007 with the start of his pictorial work which was naturally influenced by the conceptual-artistic-technical maturity he had developed during the years of his photographic evolution.

His pictures are all painted using unconventional techniques, given the total non-use of brushes, palettes, easels and any other object referable to “normal” painting.

The techniques adopted are varied, characterised by the use of any instrument considered suitable at that time, such as hands, syringes, shower gel and shampoo tubes, wood, needles, blades and so on. Water is the constant primary element which is essential in the composition and in the final definition of the paintings as well as in the mixing and merging of the primary colours directly onto canvas and paper - a surface used alternately. Mainly acrylic paint is used but without ruling out the use of oil paint and tempera too.


His most recent inspiration is the “fusion” of the digital-photographic-painting technique which has produced the so-called “computerised canvas”. These pieces consist of the painter’s original photographs, edited and processed on the computer according to his “pictorial“ vision and culture and transferred onto very large canvases to better enhance detail and colour.

Colour is the creative aid which holds all the secrets of personal interpretation, marking the boundaries of iridescent backgrounds to define shapes and lights.

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